Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is an area of the internet that is hidden to the normal user. You would usually need a special browser or tool to access the sites and information here. It is not indexed by search engines and a lot of illegal activity happens here. People go to the Dark Web to buy stolen credit card info or driver’s license info, they can buy hacked/stolen usernames and passwords, etc… A lot more happens in this scary area of the internet, but internet breaches and identity theft are what we will focus on here.

The danger of the dark web, though, is that being anonymous allows such users to trade delicate personal information. On the dark web, fraudsters can sell everything from others’ social security numbers to passwords. That is where Dark Web Monitoring comes in.

Quick MSP offers dark web monitoring to identify theft. Your personal details are safe with Quick MSP.

We use cyber monitoring theft prevention products. These products make it easier to monitor your identity information on the dark web. So, if your private information surfaces on the dark web, you’ll receive notifications.

Our job in dark web monitoring is to scan for your information, and if detected, notify you immediately. We also track any exchange of your personal information in well-hidden and hard-to-trace dark forums and websites. That way, you can take action to stop or reverse potentially damaging situations.

We live in the data age, and while there are many advantages, the threat of identity theft isn’t one of them. Your personal information is precious. So, if identity thieves sell such information, you could losing private and business data. Your personal and professional reputation may even be at risk.

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