break fix vs managed services

What is the difference between Hourly IT support (Break/Fix) and Managed Services?

Break Fix (Hourly)

Break Fix or Hourly IT support is the reactive approach to IT. You only call your IT provider when you have a problem and they charge you hourly to fix it. You pay for Consultation, repairs, and labor. It is impossible to budget for unforeseen issues, and there are also no preventative measures being taken to avoid future problems, so with Break-Fix, you are leaving yourself open to surprise costs. Generally, this means that the business will have a tech savvy staff member do the day to day IT needs to save money. This may be convenient but in the long run you are pulling that staff member away from their actual job and watching their productivity plummet. Things also are not being monitored, so a minor issue that you know nothing about becomes a huge issue with costly repairs and serious downtime. This translates to lost production.

Managed IT Services (Contract)

Managed Services support is the proactive approach to IT. You pay a monthly service fee for 24/7/365 monitoring of all network equipment. Potential threats are squashed immediately, and any problems that arise are resolved before they can affect your system. If the worst were to happen, and your systems were to go down, an expert who is well acquainted with your IT infrastructure will have it back up and running twice as fast. Managed Service Providers will do everything they can to prevent the issue from happening again and will use cutting edge technology to protect against cyber criminals and viruses. All your system updates are managed and tested before deployed generally. Your costs are predictable. You can easily budget every month for your IT costs.

Remember, IT is important for any business that relies on computers to function. Managed Services is a cost-effective, budget easy way to get the most out of your computers and IT service!


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